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Seriah Azkath

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06:38 pm: UFO and Ghost Hunters - What makes someone an expert?
You know, I don’t put much value in TV shows for real information when coming to the paranormal. I watch these shows, hoping that some useful piece of information will filter through. Now you have shows like Ghost Hunters, and Paranormal State, and UFO Hunters, and because they are on TV, they get called experts. They are not experts. They may have some experience, but it is hard to even define what an expert in the paranormal would consist of. I think very few people could qualify. Someone like John Keel or Jacques Vallee who have done years of research and broken new ground and formulated new ideas would qualify. Myself, I have researched the paranormal for most of about 3 decades, I have read more books than most people will in their entire lifetime, and have had a plethora of unexplained experiences that fall outside the ‘normal’ paranormal experiences. I am also an open minded skeptic, which I feel is the only way to truly evaluate this type of material. We have even made a movie based on some of the events that have formed my opinions on the paranormal called “Gateways to Magonia” and have another planned. I do consider myself somewhat of an expert on this material, both because of my own experiences, and my widespread knowledge of the phenomenon. I expect that the people who do these TV shows have some overall knowledge of the particular field they are dealing in. So, when watching the latest UFO Hunters on The History Channel, and the cop they are interviewing talks about how his car stalled when the object got close, and then restarted when it moved away, I thought, ok, common enough in UFO sightings. In fact, one of THE most common things involving sightings of that type, likely caused by an EM field that halts the engine, but kicks it back in when the field is removed. It’s weird, but it has been replicated using an EM field. However, one of the investigators on the show says, “I’ve never heard of anything like that happening…”. Really?!? Seriously?!? So, one of the most common effects in a UFO encounter, documented probably thousands of times, and you’ve never heard of it!!! WTF. Pick up a book. Do some goddamned research, or better yet, have someone more qualified on the show. How do these people get a TV show as experts on UFO’s when they don’t seem to know anything about the history of the phenomenon. I can accept that these various Ghost shows don’t seem to have a wider grasp of the paranormal, it’s typical of our society to try and break things down into parts rather than understand it as a whole, and you often see ghost hunters sneer at monster hunters or UFO researchers as hacks, and vice versa. But it is all same phenomenon, and they will never see it. Nonetheless, I feel that shows like this can have value, and are at least entertaining to watch. Until I hear a comment like that. Then I have to vent. Sadly, it was one of the guys on the show that is generally a bit better about the research, too. Never heard of a UFO shutting down and restarting a car. Wow. Maybe his UFO research started with this show.

On another tack, I have been watching Grant and Jason from Ghost Hunters defend their potential hoaxing on their blogs. I WANT to believe them, I do. Maybe they are telling the truth, but the fact is, it LOOKED and SOUNDED fake. It doesn’t mean it was. But two things in a short period that look suspicious do not help their cause. They can’t come out and say they faked it. If they did fake these events, the only thing they can really do is forge forwards and NEVER do it again. I however, will not be able to watch it with as much interest as before, but maybe over time that will change. I mean it is very possible that Grant is an encounter prone personality, and all these things really are happening to him and they are as honorable as I had once believed. I guess we will have to wait and see where they go from here.

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